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HAMBY YOUNG has been in the material supply business since 1974, focusing on High Voltage applications. In 1980, we began to offer design and supply Substation packages while continuing to support the Transmission and Distribution Line material needs of our customers across the country. Though the bulk of our business is now found in the design and supply of Substations (5kv - 500kv), we continue to support our customer's High Voltage material needs throughout the Industry.

Our "POWER PACKAGING" approach to every project combines value-added services and material management into a full service package. This coordinated supply of service and materials provides the most efficient and cost effective method to ensure the form, fit and function of each project.

Please check out the rest of our web page for ways we can help you with your High Voltage needs. If you have any questions or if we can be of service, please refer to our CONTACTS page for the Home Office or our nearest Agent.

We offer the following "Power Packaging" solutions:

Substations Develop a complete design and material package from:
  • sketches
  • on-site consultation
  • one-line diagram
  • consultant/end-user specification

Evaluate design and offer alternate applications which result in material and installation savings to the end-user.

Offer engineering service:
  • ground grid
  • foundation
  • structural design and detailing
  • electrical arrangements

Offer extensive cross-referencing on key material to ensure competitive pricing.

Transmission Lines Develop detailed bill of material from engineered assemblies.

Multiple vendors used to source products for most competitive package.

Distribution Lines Established programs are available to provide a bill of material on "standard REA" assemblies.

Extensive inventory established to provide quick turn around on project materials.

URD Projects Coordinate the form, fit and function of all fittings to the URD cable specifications.

Multiple vendors in place to provide competitive pricing on required products.

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